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    IMPORTANT Mass-Unban Website and SA-MP Server!

    I didn't deleted any account! Except few forums account which was spammy and server advertisers.
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    IMPORTANT Mass-Unban Website and SA-MP Server!

    A-Team Roleplay Hello Everyone! Today i have decided to Purge the whole system of A-Team Roleplay and unban every player from our services! I will announce soon how to apply for Factions and Staffs Positions. So be active and delete your hacks to play in our community. If you are with me in...
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    UPDATE! New Players RECORD!

    Not True!
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    UPDATE! New Players RECORD!

    I think all time best is 52 concurrent players!
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    Post Ban Appeal.

    Post Ban Appeal.
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    COMPETITION Describe your real life! (Event)

    Hello Everyone! Today we are here with a new event basically its based on your real life character routine, what do you do in your real life, your busyness like a short story which describes you and your life perfectness, And also how do you manage your life in good/bad times. Rules! 1.) Don't...
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    IMPORTANT Giveaway Event on this EID!

    Hello Everyone! we are hosting our biggest Giveaway Event on this EID with many cool Gifts for every participant and some Gifts for the whole A-Team Roleplay Community, So get ready to Participate with us in this event and Make this EID Special for every person of A-Team Roleplay. Every Member...
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    UPDATE! Server Update v1.2.108

    A-Team Roleplay Christmas Server Update Our mission statement to you... A-Team Roleplay is and Always be a community, Where all players will enjoy a wonderful gaming experience. We have and will dedicate our precious time to the community. All the players are equal in the front of ATRP Law...
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    Administrative Roster

    January 20th, 2019: Marcus Flocka has been hired as Moderator February 4th, 2019: Marcus Flocka has been promoted to Moderator
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    Administrative Roster

    Server Management Newton Dalton - Community Founder Neville Head Administrator Vacant Senior Administrator Vacant General Administrator Vacant Junior Administrator Marcus Flocka Moderator Vacant Non-Gaming Administrator Vacant