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Emerald Donation Package

$9.99 per month


  • All Pearl features
  • • Ability to have up to 3 personal vehicles spawned at one time
  • • Ability to own up to 8 cars
  • • Ability to own and wear up to 7 toys
  • • No longer requires to sign your checks, you get it automatically
  • • Bank interest rate increased to 0.5 (cap limit of $5,000)
  • • You can pay players (/pay) ten times as much at one time
  • • Ability to upgrade your armor up to 100, up from the regular 50
  • • Spawn with 100 health after the hospital
  • • Ability to own two houses
  • • Ability to have two jobs at a time
  • • Ability to /sellgun without having the Arms dealer job
  • • Ability to place a boombox to play online radio stations inside interiors
  • • Request one custom user title on the forum in Administrative Requests
  • • Two radio (/pr) slots
  • • No limit on the amount of cigars, lock picks, ropes, spray cans etc you can hold at a time
  • • Access to /rage your shouts to a deep red color
  • • Ability to create the Uzi and Tec via /sellgun
  • • No level restriction when purchasing a house
  • • Unlimited access to /sweep

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