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GUIDE Keybinds

Discussion in 'Tutorials & Guides' started by Alex_Foster, Jul 15, 2016.

  1. Alex_Foster

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    Jun 14, 2016
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    The Ultimate SA-MP Keybinder

    Having Trouble Typing,This is the Guide For You.

    You need The Ultimate Sa-MP Keybinder,Download it Here(http://bit.ly/1CY22Tf).This will appear

    After the Download.Right Click on it and select the 'Run as Administrator'.

    Then Type in the commands/text which you will need in game and select the Hot-Key for the commands/message.
    For e.g [​IMG]
    I used it like this

    Then click this button.[​IMG].Go to settings
    and click the "Hotkeys Enabled on startup","Send T Key automatically"and"Send Enter Key Automatically" And then you're done!

    Hints:For easy re-loading of Keybinds,Click on the settings,and then choose the File you want to load when starting the keybinder on the "Browse",then select the "Automatically load a file on Startup".Press Ok and Roleplay!

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